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General meeting 2020

General meeting 2020

We strongly recommend all unit owners to read through the notice. It is in Norwegian only, contact if you need help.

If there is something you need to clarify or ask about, contact the board at well in advance before voting begins. The board can then post additional information if something is unclear.

USBL has prepared a user guide that explains how to proceed to access voting. (Norwegian only)

The deadline for submitting cases to the general meeting was before the notice was printed. If you have a case that needs to be presented to the housing association’s general meeting, you either have to wait until spring 2021 or an extraordinary general meeting must be held, which requires either the board to call in or that you collect enough signatures. We have also made a separate article on general meetings .

This year’s notice as a pdf file

Link to

This year’s cover photo illustrates that the M242 has got new balconies and that Trygg VVS is working on the renovation of tap water pipes. This year’s back photo (below) shows what is happening south of us, and this view will be unique for parts of 2020, soon a 6 storey high block will emerge here.

17th of May

17th of May, we will get a visit by the Bjølsen School’s marching band! They perform with both main band, junior band and aspirants, and look forward to visiting!

They should play in the backyard around 9:50am. We hope all residents who are home come and take good care of them, but remember to the corona-rules. So those with a balcony facing the backyard should stand there. Be sure to keep your distance and make room for the band as they march in and out.

There may be delays since they have to go from block to block. They will finish at Sagene church at 1 pm.

The housing co-op has hired the band according to the tariff set by Bydel Sagene, but if the residents want to contribute extra for the band, then you can contribute atølsen or VIPPS to 29241 . Revenue from flea markets, etc., has dried up this year, as we all know.

We also want to remind you of the iniative from residents with 17th of May activities (taking into account the corona situation) that are on the bulletin boards in the entry areas.

The board wishes all residents a good, unusual, 17th of May.

Notice from pipe renewal project and spring cleaning in Badebakken

Notice from Trygg about working beyond normal working hours

Due to workload and short work week, work will be done beyond normal working hours Monday to Wednesday next week (May 27-29). Monday and Tuesday there will also be noisy work. This will be heard most by those living in the M236, but quite certainly also by those who have a window to the backyard.

Spring cleaning – Container is coming!

0000259 container-10m3 280Due to the situation we are in, there is no common spring cleaning bee in the garden and common areas. We ask that each house clear its own common area, both inside and out. We will buy plants and arrange for planting.

The board has ordered a container from Ragn-Sells in connection with the spring cleaning. Container and EE cage will be released on Wednesday 29 April. The container is exchanged on Thursday 30th and then removed on Monday 4th April.

The container is for use for items from both the common areas and garden, as well as private stuff, but please see notice below. We also order an electric/electronic bin (cage): For electrical and electronic waste only. Light bulbs and fluorescent lamps should not be in EE cages, these can be delivered on Menu, so we do not get broken glass in the common area.

NOTE! Do not throw special waste into a container, such as car tires and paint residue. This results in significant fines. This is delivered to the environment station at the top of Shell or driven to the recycling station. 


The board and the garden comittee.

Clutter in the entrance areas

In these times with water mains renewal project and a corona pandemic, it is especially important that the common areas are tiday, and especially in the entrance areas. In several houses there is a lot of clutter. The housing cooperative will have everything removed that is not in accordance with the rules, and everything must be removed by Wednesday. The housing association does not provide compensation for lost items.

Here is an excerpt of what is permanently posted on the board at a time, so it should be known to everyone:

  • Only one stroller per family is allowed in the entrance area
  • Toys, bicycles and the like should not be placed in the hallway.
  • Bicycle room should be tidy so bikes can be taken out and taken in. Things like slides, balls and toys should not be stored there. Kick bikes are OK.
  • All items in all common areas that are not marked with names and / or apartment numbers can be removed at any time, including those in the bicycle room.
  • Advertising should not be in the hallway.

See also Section 2 of the House Rules .