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In these times with water mains renewal project and a corona pandemic, it is especially important that the common areas are tiday, and especially in the entrance areas. In several houses there is a lot of clutter. The housing cooperative will have everything removed that is not in accordance with the rules, and everything must be removed by Wednesday. The housing association does not provide compensation for lost items.

Here is an excerpt of what is permanently posted on the board at a time, so it should be known to everyone:

  • Only one stroller per family is allowed in the entrance area
  • Toys, bicycles and the like should not be placed in the hallway.
  • Bicycle room should be tidy so bikes can be taken out and taken in. Things like slides, balls and toys should not be stored there. Kick bikes are OK.
  • All items in all common areas that are not marked with names and / or apartment numbers can be removed at any time, including those in the bicycle room.
  • Advertising should not be in the hallway.

See also Section 2 of the House Rules .