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We strongly recommend all unit owners to read through the notice. It is in Norwegian only, contact if you need help.

If there is something you need to clarify or ask about, contact the board at well in advance before voting begins. The board can then post additional information if something is unclear.

USBL has prepared a user guide that explains how to proceed to access voting. (Norwegian only)

The deadline for submitting cases to the general meeting was before the notice was printed. If you have a case that needs to be presented to the housing association’s general meeting, you either have to wait until spring 2021 or an extraordinary general meeting must be held, which requires either the board to call in or that you collect enough signatures. We have also made a separate article on general meetings .

This year’s notice as a pdf file

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This year’s cover photo illustrates that the M242 has got new balconies and that Trygg VVS is working on the renovation of tap water pipes. This year’s back photo (below) shows what is happening south of us, and this view will be unique for parts of 2020, soon a 6 storey high block will emerge here.