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Trygg VVS reports that there will be some tile work being done on Pentecost day (Saturday) before 4 pm. We’re told that there will not be that much noise from this work.

Everyone shall have received an invitation to the general meeting of the building socied in the mailbox or by email (if one does not live here). This will be the first (and hopefully last) digital general meeting, so please learn more about it by reading the material (not in English, sorry, get someone to translate if needed). There will be a slightly larger article here on this topic in a few days.

A security fence has been fitted around the garage exit to prevent falls.

Some of those who have reported problems with water intrusion from windows and from skylights have had or are being visited by a company that will rectify this these days. This repair work will be of a continuous nature.

The board has now initiated a pre-project on repair of doors, and it there has been an initial inspection together with one possible supplier.