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17th of May, we will get a visit by the Bjølsen School’s marching band! They perform with both main band, junior band and aspirants, and look forward to visiting!

They should play in the backyard around 9:50am. We hope all residents who are home come and take good care of them, but remember to the corona-rules. So those with a balcony facing the backyard should stand there. Be sure to keep your distance and make room for the band as they march in and out.

There may be delays since they have to go from block to block. They will finish at Sagene church at 1 pm.

The housing co-op has hired the band according to the tariff set by Bydel Sagene, but if the residents want to contribute extra for the band, then you can contribute atølsen or VIPPS to 29241 . Revenue from flea markets, etc., has dried up this year, as we all know.

We also want to remind you of the iniative from residents with 17th of May activities (taking into account the corona situation) that are on the bulletin boards in the entry areas.

The board wishes all residents a good, unusual, 17th of May.