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Health, safety and environment

General fire safety instructions

  1. Extinguish the fire, unless it is too big
  2. Alert everybody in the area.
  3. Evacuate and assist
  4. Call the fire department on 1-1-0

Fire prevention and safety

  1. No objects should be placed in the evacuation routes (staircases, halls and emergency exits) that may hindre evacuation or be fuel to a fire.
  2. Periodically test the fire safety equipment in your falt. Notify the board at if there are any issues with the equipment.
  3. Each flat has been issued two smoke detectors and one firehose. This equipment is the property of the housing cooperative and is not to be removed. You may be liable to pay compensation if it is removed.
  4. Make sure all electrical equipment and installations are safe at any time.
  5. All use of open flames (candles, etc.) should be under supervision at all times. This also goes for water boilers, coffeemakers, toasters and other electrical equipment that produces heat and contains thermostats which may short-circuit.
  6. The kitchen ventilator should be cleaned and not greasy. Grease may fuel a fire. Remember that dry-boiling and forgotten pizzas in the stove may cause gases that can kill.
  7. All fire doors (doors to every apartment and basement areas) shall be closed at all times, to avoid smoke to spread into evacuation routes.

Radon measurements

According to the NGU (Geological Survey of Norway), our buildings are in an area where there are no sure data on the alert level for radon radiation. In our surrounding areas there is low to moderate risk of radon. The board of Badebakken measured the levels between 2015 and 2017. They took place in the basement and on the ground floor of every building. The measured levels of radiation were below any limits for action.

All flats are connected to the common ventilation system for each house, where the air is pulled in above the windows and pulled out through vents in the bathroom and the kitchen ventilator, so there is no chance of higher concentrations higher up in the building. You can see the measurements here.

Gas og barbecueing

Containers for gas should never be stored indoors, not in the flat nor in the basement or garage!