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Water mains renewal 2019-2020

This project was initiated in a board meeting on the 23rd of August 2016 and after three years of preparations and planning, the work starts this fall. This page contains the most important information to the residents and owners under and after the project. Not everything is (or will be) translated to English. Contact the management for the contractor Trygg VVS to know more, or the project management hired by us as a customer (OBOS Prosjekt) if you still have questions. Contacting the board is the last resort, as we have a lot to do with everyday business and providing support for the project.

What you really need to know:

  • OBOS project represents the housing co-op
  • Trygg VVS is the main contractor
  • The “Beboermappe” is obligatory reading. If your Norwegian is not good enough to understand eveyrthing, you need to contact and ask for information in English.
  • If you own a flat in our co-op, you need to either be present yourself or make 100% sure that someone will be present in the flat when the lock cylinder is changed. If the government and lock smith needs to be involved, the cost for you may be around 30 000NOKs.
  • Everything must be agreed in writing (use e-mail!)
  • Ensure that we have correct contact information (e-mail and mobile phone number).

Contact list

Fag Firma Kontaktperson Tlf E-post
Main contractor Trygg VVS AS
Brobekkveien 80
Bygg 9A, 6etg,
0582 Oslo
Site manager
Michael AdomeitProject manager
Johan Heed

462 18 073

969 03 229

Project management for customer OBOS Prosjekt
PB 6666 St. Olavs
plass, 0129 Oslo
Project manager
Gard Heiberg
906 28 418
Customer Badebakken borettslag
v/Boligbyggelaget USBL
Postboks 8944 Youngstorget
0028 OSLO
Chairman of the board
Svein Søvde
454 13 971
Options (new bathrom, equipment, etc) Trygg VVS AS
Brobekkveien 80 Bygg
9A, 6etg, 0582 Oslo
Tina Marie Hansen 938 70 940
Vendor of tiles L-Flis og Interiør AS
Ole Deviks vei 36
0668 Oslo

Martha Marie Winge

Linda W. Evenrød

22 80 18 48

22 80 18 48