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Clutter in the entrance areas

In these times with water mains renewal project and a corona pandemic, it is especially important that the common areas are tiday, and especially in the entrance areas. In several houses there is a lot of clutter. The housing cooperative will have everything removed that is not in accordance with the rules, and everything must be removed by Wednesday. The housing association does not provide compensation for lost items.

Here is an excerpt of what is permanently posted on the board at a time, so it should be known to everyone:

  • Only one stroller per family is allowed in the entrance area
  • Toys, bicycles and the like should not be placed in the hallway.
  • Bicycle room should be tidy so bikes can be taken out and taken in. Things like slides, balls and toys should not be stored there. Kick bikes are OK.
  • All items in all common areas that are not marked with names and / or apartment numbers can be removed at any time, including those in the bicycle room.
  • Advertising should not be in the hallway.

See also Section 2 of the House Rules .

Update on the corona virus situation March 18

The board has received a long list of measures that Trygg VVS has taken to protect against the spread of coronavirus. The project will proceed as planned as specified in the contract, until there are official orders or delivery problems. See the page for the water mains renewal project for whom to contact if you have questions or need to inform about something. It is important to notify immediately when infection or quarantine situations occur. Anyone who has received a letter from Trygg VVS is asked to read this carefully.

We are also in the unfortunate situation that the housing cooperative is a neighbor with a construction project, and when everyone is home on weekdays this becomes extra noticeable. The board sent a request to the contractor to limit the noise and received the following reply: “We see that some of the residents of Badebakken are affected by our work. We refer to the “Regulations on noise reduction in the municipality of Oslo“. Our working hours are from 0700-1900 every weekday. We will try to limit the noisy work to the greatest possible extent and will endeavor not to do this after 1700. During the day, noisy work will occur in connection with the loading of trucks with rock and the splitting of larger boulders.”

Need to chat with the neighbours? There is a facebook group for that:

Update on the novel corona virus situation March 14

Related to the situation around the new corona virus, the board of Badebakken borettslag wishes to inform about the following:

  • On Friday March 13th, the board of Badebakken borettslag decided to stop lending out the common room until further notice.
  • The main contractor has given notice that the water mains and pipe renewal project may be affected by the situation we have in Norway and elsewhere in the world. It continues until further notice.
  • Since so many are at home during daytime these days: We do not know when the blasting work on the neighboring site will end, so remember that adults and children must stay well away when the alarm sounds .
  • We encourage residents to follow and keep themselves informed on the situation every day. Take good care of those in vulnerable groups by limiting the spread. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Keep calm. Wash your hands as soon as you enter the apartment.
  • The board will monitor and implement measures if this is imposed on our housing co-op by the authorities.